$ 42.99

Chin-Up! Shave Soap + Body Wash Gift Set

Razor’s Edge Shave Soap (2.8 oz) - This long-lasting bar of soap is great for washing your face and beard... or lather it up into a generous foam for a close shave that will not leave you high and dry. You'll find no harsh chemicals here. Just simple, wholesome ingredients that do hard work and respect your skin. This is an all-natural product made with bentonite clay and beneficial oils and extacts. It's slick, soothing and smells like the great outdoors.

Face of Danger After-shave Elixir (4.8 oz) - They don't refer to a shave as a "scrape" for nothing. Sure, a shave might make you look neat and clean, but it also does a number on your face. To settle that score, they've formulated this 2-in-1 after-shave elixir to help fend off that raw feeling you get after shaving... to soothe and heal. Just pat a little into freshly-dried skin. You don't need to use much. Right away, you'll probably notice a subtle, cooling sensation. That's witch hazel, a natural plant extract that's a mild astringent. It helps close pores and get your face back to feeling the way it's supposed to. In fact, straight away your skin will feel great, thanks to natural skin-fortifying ingredients like Aloe (hydrates) and Calendula (soothes).

Bar None Body Soap Brick (5.75 oz) - This is a generous brick of natural soap, with good, wholesome ingredients--and as few of them as possible. Fieldworks Supply Co. left out the nasty chemicals common in a lot of soap products--and instead went back to basics (and to the earth) for a simple soap that gets the job done without doing a number on you, the environment, or anything else you hold near and dear. Scented with pure essential oils that smell like the great outdoors.