The Frynge Story

Preface - The Unconventional

Outside of mainstream sports lives a world of professional athletes pioneering the human experience, pushing the boundaries in action, adventure & olympic sports. They compete at the highest level of their disciplines, on major stages and in remote wildernesses around the world. Their purpose for pursuing these sports was never commercial though, but rather about the pure expression of talent, passion and dedication. However, the financial reality they face isn’t always as glamorous, and it takes adequate funding to perform at the highest levels.

THE FRYNGE was founded by a team of people with the mission of raising the level of funding and exposure for this community of athletes.

Chapter 1 - Commerce with a Purpose

Through our online shop, we aim to bring you the coolest selection of gear and apparel from both emerging and world renowned brands.
The best part - every month, we partner with a different athlete, team or related cause to promote in our featured campaign. During this time, 10% of every product you purchase goes directly towards supporting those featured.

Chapter 2 - Content & Community

When you’re not shopping the latest threads, be sure to check out the articles dropping weekly in our journal. From chronicling the authentic lives of athletes in extreme sports, to providing in depth guides on top brands to help you live a more adventurous lifestyle, our editorial team and network of contributors work to publish original stories on the different aspects of sport, adventure and lifestyle.

So that's it in a nutshell. Read cool stories, buy sweet stuff, and feel good about supporting worthy campaigns in the process.

Our story has only just begun, and we hope you can join us on this journey.

To be continued...