A Letter From Bryan & Taylor Fletcher

Dear All,

As this month’s featured athletes, we just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much your support makes a difference in our quest for gold.  Both Taylor and I have loved the sport of Nordic combined since we were kids. We can assure you that we both grew up dreaming of being Olympians in this very sport. We did not care about the money nor the fame that came along with other sports. Even at a young age we believed in the community that surrounded ski jumping and Nordic combined. We wanted nothing more than to put our stamp on the legacy of the sport and stand alongside those we looked up to as kids.

Today we have come a long way as athletes. We have put ourselves among the top athletes in the sport in not only results, but in community engagement as well. Despite that, the ultimate goal still looms over our heads. We are so close to that goal, but rising costs and decreased funding is slowing our progress to the top. With just about three months until the 2017 World Championships and 16 months until the next Olympics in South Korea, we need your help now more than ever. Over the next month you will learn just how much goes into Nordic combined to reach the top. Funding, however, is our biggest limiting factor. Each competition jump suit lasts around 30-50 jumps and costs nearly $350. A good suit can add as much as 10 meters to your jump. A 10-meter difference is about 1.5 minutes’ difference in start time when it comes to the cross country portion of the sport. Ultimately that is the difference between winning and losing. Suits are not our only expense however, as travel, lodging, living & school expenses all add up. By purchasing from The Frynge you will help alleviate some of those financial hurldes allowing us to focus on achieving gold in the big event!

So please consider supporting our journey by purchasing from The Frynge. Then be sure to follow our progress this winter as we give it our best on the World Cup Circuit and at the World Championships in February!


Bryan & Taylor Fletcher