nod DUOPINE Hammock + Tree Straps (conifer GREEN)
nod DUOPINE Hammock + Tree Straps (conifer GREEN)
$ 69.99

nod DUOPINE Hammock + Tree Straps (conifer GREEN)

Ideal for hiking, trekking, camping and just hanging out in the neighborhood, this nod DUOPINE™ parachute hammock is named for good reason: space--accommodating two adults. Once you own a DUOPINE™ and experience its comforts, quality and portability, hammocking will become an everyday necessity.

  • Made of high-strength rip-stop parachute nylon, our hammock is shockingly light, breathable, and roomy
  • Triple-stitched key areas
  • Sewn-in compression bag for easy storage and convenience. Tip: place items in bag for safekeeping while lounging in hammock.
  • Set-up and take down in 1 minute or less
  • 2-year warranty

Their 1.5-inch wide DUOSTRAPS™ are wider than the typical 1-inch wide straps common to our competitors, allowing ours to be friendlier to trees and bark. These straps also have a double webbing loop on the larger loop to minimize the wear and tear where needed most.

  • Bark-preserving 1.5-inch seatbelt webbing straps to wrap around trees, posts or anchor points
  • Reinforced double webbing on large loop to prevent wear and tear
  • Two tree straps for safe and simple hanging, with 20 points (10 per side) of adjustability for the perfect attachment points
  • Safely hang the DUOPINE™ between anchors up to 30 feet apart
  • DUOSTRAPS™ can fit easily into the same compression sack as the DUOPINE™, ensuring nothing is forgotten or left behind
  • Safe hang at 400 lb
  • 2-year warranty