Faces of The Frynge: Mikey Taylor

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“Everything in you is saying do not do this, and you not only have to block that out, but stop it from hindering what you’re trying to accomplish. There’s a certain mind that can handle it and there's a certain mind that can’t."
If you've ever seen Mikey Taylor give an interview, or had the chance to interact with him, he's one of the nicest dude's you'll ever meet.  But don't get it twisted, he's also one of hardest working guys on the scene. It takes talent, hustle and a whole lot of determination to get to where he's at in the skateboarding world.

From hustling to find sponsors in high school by sending out his sponsor-me-tapes (yes, VHS tapes for the social media generation), to becoming one of the original competitors on the Street League Skateboarding Tour, Mikey's experienced the evolution of the sport firsthand.

His life has changed with the times as well. He now has to balance skating with being a father, as well as managing his responsibilities as a business owner (shout out to Villager and Sovrn)

Regardless of whether you skate or not, there's so much to pull from this episode. So with that, enjoy episode 4!  

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Faces of The Frynge: Kai Lenny

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Kai Lenny is a true waterman. On any given day, you’ll find him out in the ocean, surfing, standup paddle boarding, kite or windsurfing, and the list goes on... 

His mastery across the surfing disciplines is tough to ignore. He’s won the Molokai 2 Oahu, a 32 mile paddle between the two Hawaiian islands. He's conquered the biggest waves as a professional on the World Big Wave Tour, won the SUP World Title six times, and is one of the foremost kite and wind surfers on the planet. 

But how has he been able to accomplish so much at just 24 years old? 

Outside of the unquestionable amount of work he’s put in, the answer lies in his view of surfing, and how to him, there’s never been a desire to separate the disciplines. For Kai Lenny, they’re simply different ways to accomplish the same thing - ride waves. 

Kai’s passion for surfing is contagious, and I can’t wait for you to hear our conversation in episode 3. 

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Faces of The Frynge: Jesse La Flair

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“It just so happened that I found something that I loved so much where it didn’t matter whether or not I went pro, it just mattered that I continued to do it." - Jesse La Flair

If you're into parkour, or have happened to check out a video on Youtube featuring the athletes who practice this discipline on streets across the world, there's a good chance you've come across Jesse La Flair.

One of the most talented and well known professional freerunners in the world today, Jesse is more than just a popular figure, he's been one of the pioneering athletes in pushing the sport forward in recent years.

Growing up in Long Island, NY, Jesse was always into action sports, but he wasn't exposed to parkour until years later when he was in college. What started as a curiosity quickly turned into an obsession that he's been able to turn into a successful, professional career in not just freerunning, but in film as well.

It was refreshing to sit down and speak with someone as passionate about what they do as Jesse. They say parkour is about freedom and movement, and it was evident in speaking with him, that they're almost characteristics he lives by.

Join Jesse and I as we discuss his personal journey into the world of freerunning in this episode.



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Faces of The Frynge: Nick Symmonds

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"Everyone thinks that if you're an Olympian, you're either an amateur or a multi-millionaire, just by the nature of being an olympian. Neither one of those is true." - Nick Symmonds

This past June, one of the most recognizable athletes in track & field hung up the spikes. A two-time Olympian and six-time United States Champion at 800 meters, Nick Symmonds proved to be a dominant force on the track for over a decade. However, it was his actions off the track that seemed to garner just as much attention. 

From auctioning off his shoulder for advertising space, to being replaced on the 2015 World Championship Team for refusing to sign  the team's terms mandating that the athletes could only wear Nike gear, Nick always challenged the status quo.

Today Nick stay's busy as the Founder and CEO of Run Gum,  along with training to compete in his first marathon later this year in Honolulu, HI. On this episode, we sit down with him to reflect back on his career, his conviction in challenging the economic structures of the sport, as well as look ahead to his future off the track.

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