The Campaign to Support Former BMX Rider Stephen Murray

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Nine years ago, Stephen Murray stood atop podiums as one of the top riders in the BMX world. He was known as the guy who went bigger than everyone else, pioneering new tricks and playing an integral role in pushing the sport to new heights. But at the Dew Action Sports Tour competition in Baltimore, MD, in 2007, he suffered a career-ending injuring that would leave him paralyzed from the shoulder’s down, totally changing the trajectory of his life. Donations and fundraisers quickly became a function for financial stability, as he’s incurred massive costs over the years for the treatments, services and care needed to sustain daily life for himself and his two sons. Just last month, after living in Southern California for the past 18 years, he made the difficult decision to move back home to the UK in order to be closer to his family.

When we launched The Frynge just a few short months ago, we set out to provide a new model for supporting current professional athletes in action, adventure and olympic sports. It wasn’t necessarily our intent to feature former or retired athletes, but when the idea to run a campaign for Stephen was brought up by way of one of our brand partners, we jumped at the opportunity to do so. From now until the end of September, 10% of every product you purchase from our online shop will go directly towards supporting Stephen Murray, helping to alleviate some of the living expenses for him and his family. So from Torque Apparel and Nectar Sunglasses, to Bison MadeBermies Swim Trunks and more, our hope is that you find a product you love, which in turn, will contribute to the campaign for Stephen Murray. 

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll also be chronicling Stephens story, from the origins of his riding days and his life as one of the legends of the sport, to the infamous crash that ultimately ended his accomplished career. More importantly though, we’ll be sharing the impact he’s had on the action sports community, how he’s launched Stay Strong, a global brand spreading the message of unwavering strength in the face of adversity, and how he is continuing to fight each day to get better with the same competitive, positive spirit that once propelled him to the heights of the BMX world.

In the word’s of Stephen, “Staying Strong is the only way I know to live my life, having gone through so much pain, having had so many set backs, but I will always have the drive to push forward and to Stay Strong.”

We hope you’re able to follow along as we release a new part in the series each week, and be on the lookout for new brands dropping regularly in the shop. Together we can make an impact! 

The Frynge is an online retail and digital media company with the mission of supporting professional athletes in action, adventure and olympic sports. Through established campaigns, 10% of all sales go towards sponsoring a new athlete or team featured each month. 

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  • Thanks for sharing the story about Stephen an inspiring , and courageous person striving to win in all of life’s circumstances.

    Melissa on

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